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Champion Race Promotions has a wide range of service offerings as you can see below that will help you elevate and transform. Every individual and business is unique and so are your needs; whether it's needing a performance life coach, or organizing a hospitality event or creating a PR campaign to promote your sponsors or hosting a charity event or needing a speaker for upcoming training or event.


  • Creating YOU as a Brand
  • Performance Coaching
  • Visionary Marketing
  • Sponsor Relations
  • Fan Recognition Events
  • Hospitality Events
  • PR/Marketing/Social Media Strategy
  • Community & Charity Relations
  • Networking & Connecting YOU with others
  • Public Speaking & Training
  • Nutrition & Wellness Plans

That's why we encourage you to click YES, Let's Explore for a 30 minute complimentary VIP session so we can explore your needs and create a customized quote of services that we can provide in "Serving you to Finish First and Unleash the Champion in You!"

Creating YOU as a Brand

A personal brand is one of the most important things you can build to elevate yourself in life and in racing. People want to connect in a authentic way with those they know, like and trust. Our work would include helping you discover WHO you are as a Champion, WHAT you want to be known for, WHO you want to attract and WHAT makes you stand out from all the others.

Performance Coaching

Developing the Champion’s mindset is at the core of a successful racing program. Are you aware that 80% of your success happens even before you unload the race car or put fans in the grandstands? We call it “Suit up – Show Up." In person or on social media, are you showing up as a Champion, or are you showing up as if you’ve already been beaten? Are you attracting the results you want with your life, with your racing or with your business? Together with my business partner Patricia Barnett, performance coach and founder of Results Mastery and Elevate, we can offer you different levels of personal life and business coaching to "Unleash the Champion in YOU!" You'll be surprised how releasing old patterns that no longer serve you can take you across the finish line in first place!

Visionary Marketing

Tapping into my gifts of being a visionary thinker, I will bring about innovative and creative ways to solve your problems and drive success to your racing business. Through a series of questions and conversations, I can help you get to root cause of any problem and provide creative ideas in your marketing and promotions to help you step into the Champion you are. I can provide you with an out-of-the-box solution and inspire you to be open to results far beyond what you personally could imagine for yourself.

Sponsor Relations

Relationships are the key to everything we do in life and obtaining and maintaining valuable sponsorships is an art and requires dedicated focus. I can work with you and your sponsors to create a program that will include a business plan of expectations and social media strategies. Include sponsor and employee appreciation nights, charity events for your sponsors partners, and meet and greet autograph gatherings. Sponsorship is more than a billboard at the track, or ad in a program, or a decal on the car; it's about creating a win-win relationship where you uncover the needs of the sponsor and build an intentional marketing program giving them more value then they expect.

Fan Recognition

Motor racing fans are the most loyal supporters of any professional sport. They spend thousands of dollars attending races and buying race souvenirs and are the life-line to keeping the sport we love alive! To show appreciation for the race fan, together we can create exciting and fun "fan appreciation" events to honor those that spend their hard earned dollar supporting their favorite driver, team and track. From simple events such as driver meet-and-greet events to more elaborate events with giveaways and special appearances, if we can dream it, we can create it with your budget in mind.

Hospitality Events

Affordable hospitality events can be created with a VIP flare even for the "grassroot" racers operating with a minimal budget and small team. Creating a VIP experience and making your guests feel super special is where I thrive. There's no better way to create a loyal follower then by bringing fans, sponsors, clients, media and promoters up-close to the action. While your focus is on winning races, my job is to host and entertain your important guests.

PR/Marketing/Social Media Strategy

Creating a Champion in you not only includes "creating YOU as a brand" but it also includes building a PR/Marketing and Social Media Strategy with intentionality. A social media marketing strategy is a summary of everything you plan to achieve on social media. It guides your actions and lets you know whether you're attracting the desired attention you stand for as a brand. Every post, reply, like, and comment should serve a purpose and reinforce your desired results. The same goes for your PR and marketing activities.

Community & Charity Events

Championing those less fortunate and paying it forward has become a growing force among drivers and race teams around the world. It's simply mastery at it's finest when one makes it part of their marketing strategy to champion a cause or charity that's near to their heart. Consider hosting a cause marketing campaign to engage your fans and followers and really make a difference in the world. Together we can create a rewarding and fun event to bless another.

Networking & Connecting YOU with Others

One of my greatest strengths and gifts is that I have an extraordinary love of people and desire to serve others by listening well and uncovering a need that allows me to provide a solution or a connection to another that can fill the missing link. By working together, you may have a need that would be better served by another who is more gifted in that area and that to serve you to finish first, is to connect you with others. As an influencer, I have the knowledge and network to position you with your desired audience.

Public Speaking

As a journalist and writer, I find great joy in taking words off a page and bringing them to life from a stage or a conference room and moving people to action! Whether it's representing you at a public appearance, or to a potential sponsor or creating a training workshop or lecture on a topic relevant to the racing industry, be assured I will engage the audience and speak with passion and enthusiasm to move them to action!

Nutrition & Wellness Plans

As a certified wellness coach in healthy body composition and performance nutrition I truly believe that living a life in the fast lane without an intentional wellness plan is like showing up for a race without fuel for the car. Part of building a Champion team is building YOU as a Champion all the way down to what you put in your mind and your body as fuel. Let's face it, racing is a hard on the body. Aches and pains come with the territory as well as poor eating habits and poor sleep. Take inches off your body, you take seconds off your lap times and pit stops. You want to take the lead over your competition? Learn to fuel your body with the right foods and hydrate with the right nutrients and improve your reaction time and recovery time and quality of sleep. I work with two wellness companies whose products are food-sourced, organic and have life-changing results and can put you in the winners circle.


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