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Champion Race Promotions – “Unleashing the Champion in You!" Inside each of us, there is a Champion, just waiting to be unleashed. My greatest gift is helping people discover their purpose and tapping into their highest potential, empowering them to be all they can be, on and off the track and live a life at “full throttle."

I am Lori (Manes) Cutter, born and raised in Arizona in the sport of dirt track open wheel and late model racing, with over 40+ years of business and PR/marketing experience, passionate about influencing change in the racing industry.

Champion Race Promotions is birthed from a desire to fulfill my God given destiny of serving others in the motor racing industry and creating an elevated approach to traditional racing promotions so that the sport we all love can continue to grow and thrive! This is done through performance mindset and wellness coaching, creating events that specifically targets sponsors, fans and charitable causes.

Dirt track racing is in my family heritage with racers on both sides of the family. It was my brother who ran late models, sprint cars and midgets that got me hooked on racing as I crewed for him early on. If you follow midget racing, then the name Dave Manes might sound familiar as the winner of the 1982 Belleville Nationals. He is my dads brother. My mom's cousin was Indy 500 veteran Wayne Weiler most noted for his USAC sprint car racing in the 50's & 60's, Indianapolis 500 contender in '60 & '61 and later as a car owner at Manzanita Speedway. So this crazy addiction to mudslinging, fast machines comes honestly!

Over the years, I’ve been honored as a published writer for National Speed Sport News, Western Racing News and Open Wheel Magazine. With these published stories, I received the honor of becoming accredited by the National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) as well as being the editor of several racing periodicals. My sweetest memory was having Chris Economaki track me down at a dirt track race in AZ, wanting to meet me and thank me for the years of contributing to his paper.

I’ve served on pit crews and race ministries and have been a car owner and sponsor. Racing and my Faith are at the core of my being, weaving together the fabric of many of my divine gifts and talents. My work has encompassed being the PR Director for both the Sprint and Midget clubs in AZ, scorer for the Modified Midget Association, to working the garage areas of the Phoenix F1 races and traveling down-under in Australia to some of the finest dirt track facilities in the world.

My professional career had me working at Intel Corp where I worked in business process improvement and marketing as well as an event planner for several Chamber of Commerce’s. For the past many years, I’ve owned two direct selling nutritional businesses specializing in performance wellness products and built several international business teams. I’ve been trained up as a leadership coach and a keynote speaker and know how to use the speaking stage to bring people to action.

I'm here to serve you and help you create the "life you love in the fast lane." You're just one click away to connect with me and begin a journey that will “UNLEASH the CHAMPION in YOU!"


  • Personal Life Coach
  • Accredited National Motorsports Press Association (NMPA) Journalist
  • Volunteer - National Sprint Car Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Associate Sponsor Compass Racing Development
  • Organized Knoxville Nationals Kingdom Racing & Miles of Smiles Event
  • Research Analyst of Women's Land Speed Record Display for World of Speed Museum Wilsonville, Oregon
  • Performance Wellness & Nutrition Coach
  • Keynote Speaker - Australian Mannatech TruHealth Convention
  • Owner of (2) Wellness/Nutrition International Direct Selling Businesses
  • Minnesota Twins - Champions Club Customer Service
  • Iowa Speedway - Newton Club Customer Service
  • Owner of Ladies Racing Apparel - Parade Lap Racing Apparel
  • PR Director to Arizona Winged Sprint Car & Midget Association
  • Phoenix F1 Grand Prix Garage Team Support
  • Ministry & Event Leader - Portland Christian Center
  • Organized and Planned Several Racing Award Banquets
  • Member of Pella Area Community & Economic Alliance - PACE, Pella, Iowa

The “WE” in Champion Race Promotions

My dreams of creating Champion Race Promotions has come about from my number #1 fan and encourager, my husband Charlie Cutter who epitomizes the lifestyle of a Champion!

Charlie grew up in a home where there were no limitations in what you could do with your life and that dreams were worth chasing. He loves racing just as much as I do and knowing that my happy place is the racetrack and in helping others, he inspired me to launch this business to serve you!

As a young man, Charlie raced go-karts locally in Minneapolis for a bit. His dad, being an engineer, was always creating something fast. In fact Charlie's dad, Chuck Cutter, was on the 1952 Cummins Diesel IndyCar engineering team at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

From flying airplanes as a Captain for Delta Airlines for 40 years, to working NASCAR’s fire rescue team at several race tracks, to serving on the National Ski Patrol medical rescue team and working medical rescue at many winter Olympic games to being a part-time firefighter and EMT in Arizona, he literally lives life in the “fast lane” as a Champion, always elevating himself in whatever he does.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work and there’s no one I’d rather have as a partner in life and in business. Charlie has a servant’s heart and provides an important role in this business as he is part of the creative process in planning events and serving our clients. At a race, you might see Charlie helping me connect people, keeping our social media current with posts and photography or simply hanging in the background waiting to be called in to action.

If you’re ready to be part of the “dream team” take the next step to connect with me and begin a journey that will “UNLEASH the CHAMPION in YOU!"

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